Danubesurvey.org: JDS3 Website online

The Joint Danube Survey 3 (JDS3), is the world’s biggest river research expedition of its kind in 2013, the UN International Year of Water Cooperation. JDS3 catalyzes international cooperation from all 14 of the main Danube Basin countries and the European Commission. The JDS is carried out every six years – JDS1 was in 2001 and JDS2 in 2007.

The Joint Danube Survey will have 3 main objectives:

  •     To collect information on parameters not covered in the ongoing monitoring
  •     To have data that is readily comparable for the entire river because it comes from a single source
  •     To use the interest in the survey for promoting the work of the ICPDR and raise awareness for water management

The website www.danubesurvey.org will serve as an essential intersection of all communication work and an important basis for the third of the items listed above.

For six weeks between 13 August and 26 September, the JDS3 ships will travel 2,375 km downstream the Danube River, through 10 countries, to the Danube Delta. The JDS3 is coordinated by the International Commission for the Protection of the Danube River (ICPDR). An international Core Team of 20 scientists is responsible for sampling, sample processing, on-board analyses and all survey activities.


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