JOINTISZA – Strengthening Cooperation between River Basin Management Planning and Flood Risk Prevention to Enhance the Status of Waters of the Tisza River Basin

The JOINTISZA project will ensure that flood risk management planning becomes more deeply embedded in the River Basin Management planning process, and will also facilitate the involvement of interested stakeholders and relevant sectors (e.g. flood risk, water resource, urban hydrology and drought management). A long-term goal of the project will be to generate momentum for improved implementation of the Floods Directive and Water Framework Directive, targeting four specific groups: national water administrations, water research institutes, international organisations and other interested stakeholders, and NGOs.

The ICPDR will ensure the utilisation of the already existing GIS system and will facilitate the expansion of the database with information about tributaries of the Tisza River Basin larger than 1000m². The project will involve the joint efforts of the five countries that share the Tisza River Basin – Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia and Ukraine. The main output of the project will be an updated final draft of the Integrated Tisza RBM Plan, which already includes the primary aspects of the Floods Directive.

Project co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA)
Project Budget: 2,254,126.80 €
For more information, please visit the official project website


  • » Tisza Basin
    Covering an area of 157,186 km², the Tisza River Basin is the largest sub-basin of the Danube River Basin. The Tisza River is the longest tributary of the Danube (966 km), and second largest in terms of flow after the Sava. The countries of the Tisza Basin (Ukraine, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Serbia) agreed to close transboundary co-operation, aiming to achieve integrated water resources management of the Basin.
  • » River Basin Management
    The best way to protect and manage water is by close international co-operation between all the countries within the river basin – bringing together all interests upstream and downstream. All countries of the European Union are using a river basin approach for water management since the adoption of the EU Water Framework Directive.
  • » Tisar 2007 - Development of Tisza River Basin Management Plan
    Romania, Ukraine, Serbia, Slovakia and Hungary share the responsibility for the Tisza river basin and undertook jointly activities towards the implementation of the EU Water Freamwork Directive and the EU Flood Directive. These efforts were supported by the European Union in the frame of the TISAR 2007 and led to good results.

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