EU Platina Project - Platform for the Implementation of NAIADES

The Plantina consortium is a platform for the implementation of the EU NAIADES action programme and it is funded with 8.35 M € under the FP 7 Programme. The project, which was coordinated by via donau ran from June 2008 until May 2012. PLATINA aimed to promote and strengthen an environment-friendly waterway transport in Europe in 5 areas: Markets, Fleet, Jobs & Skills, Image and Infrastructure.

The ICPDR had responsibility for Sub-work Package 5.1 “Technical support for European IWT infrastructure development plan” and is coordinating Sub-work Package 5.3 “Interdisciplinary dialogue on sustainable waterway management”, executed together with Boku university, via donau and Inland Navigation Europe (INE).

ICPDR’s current work under PLATINA

The first SWP 5.3 deliverable, an “Integrative study on hydro-morphological alterations along the Danube” will be completed by Boku university in autumn 2009.

The ICPDR Secretariat also developed the following two deliverables:

  • Contribution to a Manual on best practices in sustainable waterway planning
  • three training workshops on integrated planning for waterway planning officials and diverse national and international stakeholders: The first workshop was held from 9-10 June 2009 in Zagreb (HR) together with ISRBC; the second workshop was held from 15-16 September 2009 in Ruse (BG) and the third workshop will be held in 2011.

Both deliverables served to present best practice examples on ecological waterway management that are in line with the Joint Statement and the Danube River Basin Management Plan.



  • » Workshop 1, 9-10 June 2009, Zagreb
    The workshop was organised by the ICPDR together with the ISRBC and focused on presenting and discussing international examples of good practice in IWT project planning (integrated planning and innovative measures to benefit both waterway use and ecology) as well as the planned IWT development on the Sava River.
  • » Joint Statement: Navigation & Environment
    In October 2007, a "Joint Statement on Inland Navigation and Environmental Sustainability in the Danube River Basin" was concluded and very positively received by stakeholders. In the years that followed, the responsible government authorities and interest groups met again to discuss the progress achieved so far and how to improve the application of the Joint Statement in waterway projects. These meetings continue.
  • » A new platform for inland waterway transport
    ICPDR Danube Watch: Searching for heavy metals behind the Iron Gates
  • » PLATINA project under full sail
    ICPDR Danube Watch: Danube Day 2006: River of Life
  • » Workshop 2, 15-16 September 2009, Ruse
    The PLATINA workshop was organised by ICPDR together with the EAEMDR (Executive Agency for Exploration and Maintenance of the Danube River in Ruse). It focused on presenting the new sustainable waterway management policy and guidance for integrated environmental impact assessments in Germany, second on the planned IWT development along the RO-BG Danube section and third on the new draft Manual on Good Practises in Sustainable Waterway Planning that ICPDR prepared. The publication listed at the end was distributed at the Ruse workshop.


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