Shared waters – joint responsibilities: ICPDR presents Annual Report 2015

The end of a six-year cycle

Every new year brings new challenges and new opportunities. 2015 marked for the ICPDR the end of the six-year cycle closing works on two major works: the Danube River Basin Management Plan (DRBM Plan) and the Danube Flood Risk Management Plan (DFRM Plan). These two documents are defining the water management priorities for the Danube River Basin until 2021. While the DRMB Plan aims at further protecting and enhancing the status of all waters, to prevent their deterioration and to ensure the sustainable, long-term use of water resources, the DFRM Plan addresses all aspects of flood risk management focusing on prevention, protection and preparedness, includes measures for achieving the established objectives and calls for solidarity among all ICPDR Contracting Parties.

Involving all stakeholders

Both management plans were elaborated with involvement of stakeholders and the public. In line with the ICPDR commitment to active public participation in decision-making, stakeholders were consulted throughout the entire six-year cycle that led to the elaboration of the two management plans.
From the conceptualising policies, to implementing measures or evaluating impacts, stakeholder workshops, online surveys and public calls for the submission of comments on draft documents have been organized to facilitate broader support for policies and increase the efficiency of implementation efforts.

The ICPDR Annual Report 2015 is available here for download in PDF format (add link).
If you wish to receive a print copy of our Annual Report, please send an email to with Annual Report 2015 in the subject line.  

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