Climate Adaptation Strategy published in print

Following requests by the Danube Ministerial Conference 2010, the ICPDR has become active in developing a climate adaptation strategy, which was finalised in late 2012.

This technical document was now published in print with an improved layout and can be ordered at the ICPDR Secretariat:

ICPDR Secretariat
Vienna International Centre, Room D0412
Wagramer Strasse 5
A-1220 Vienna, Austria

You can also download the "Strategy on Adaptation to Climate Change" below.

Background of the Strategy

In order to take the required steps on adaptation to climate change, the ICPDR was asked in the “Danube Declaration” from 2010 to develop a Climate Adaptation Strategy for the Danube River Basin by the end of 2012. Within the ICPDR, Germany was nominated as the lead country for this task. The first step, the ‘Danube Study – Climate Change Adaptation’, was initiated by the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety and finalised in January 2012.

The study was developed by the Department of Geography of the Ludwig-Maximilians University Munich and summarises all the latest available information on climate change and adaptation relevant for the DRB. It provides a basis for the ‘ICPDR Strategy on Adaptation to Climate Change’, which was adopted in late 2012 and now published in print with financial assistance from the European Union.



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    Climate change poses a serious threat to our ability to manage our water resources in the Danube River Basin. In response, the ICPDR updated its Strategy on Adaptation to Climate Change in 2018 based on the most recent research in the field.

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