Inventories and databases are fundamental requisites to assess the human influences to the environment. A multitude of input parameters have to be collected by the Danube countries. This includes also specific investigations based on international reporting requirements covering a diversity of pressures (for pollution form the municipal, industrial, and agro-industrial sector).

Purposes of Databases

  • The national authorities can share and exchange information and good practices;
  • the scientific community can use the information for research projects to improve approaches and methodologies;
  • the interested public is able to access data to learn more about the environment of the Danube.

Access to ICPDR Databases

Everybody can access the ICPDR databases. If you would like to access, please simply register for a user account!


  • DanubeGIS
    The Danube River Basin Geographic Information System supports the ICPDR in its tasks related to spatial data. It is now open to public users as well – providing access to data and maps for the whole Danube Basin.
  • Water Quality Database
    Water quality data from TNMN (TransNational Monitoring Network) from 1996 and Joint Danube Surveys
  • Request Database Access
    Request a user account for accessing the ICPDR Databases

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