Open position: Project Manager for GEF DYNA

All the countries of the Danube River Basin agreed to implement European Union’s Water Framework Directive with the objective to ‘achieve good status’ of European waters. To meet this objective, the International Commission for the Protection of the Danube River developed River Basin Management Plans to address issues impacting the water and ecological status.

Analyses undertaken identified that significant pressures derived from ‘hydromorphological alterations”. These pressures are the results of over a hundred years of engineering alterations in the basin to improve navigation, harness the waters for hydropower and storage, flood protection, etc. The impacts of these structures have resulted in, amongst other, reduced ability of fish to migrate and a loss of significant wetlands that provide multiple ecosystem services.

This 3.5 year GEF DYNA will undertake a blend of regional and national actions that support the work of the countries and policies of the ICPDR, supported by national and transboundary pilots to demonstrate potential approaches to address hydromorphological alteration pressures. The project will actively work with stakeholders from community to cabinet and promote the scale up of solutions developed across the Danube River Basin and more widely.

The project is expected to result in the adoption of agreed methods and techniques leading to reduced pressures from hydromorphological alterations that will lead to improved ecological status in the Danube River Basin.

The TOR for this position can be seen here.

Applications, comprising a cover letter and CV, should be sent electronically to by 30th November 2019 COB Vienna time.

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