Moldova is International Danube Art Master 2014

The artwork winning the International Danube Art Master 2014 is entitled “Friends of the water” and was created from material found on river bank. The winning artist was Elena Gorobet from Gymnasium nr.19, v. Elizaveta, mun. Balti.

"Sometimes certain events reveal our real personality, the inner self,” says Ms Gorobet, as she elaborates on her motivation for creating the artwork, which she contributed through the Ecological Movement of Moldova. “The idea of the Friends of the Water appeared instantly because Water Is Life! Therefore it must be protected with all its ‘friends’ and ‘members’. hrough my artwork ‘Friends of the Water”, I tried to represent the undeniable splendor of the water and of nature in general."

The ICPDR congratulates Elena Gorobet as well as her teacher Viorica Gorobet and the national organizer Ecological Movement of Moldova. The International Danube Art Master is selected from the winners of the national 'Danube Art Master' competitions in 12 Danube Basin countries - Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Republic of Moldova, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia and Ukraine with two regions in the Danube Basin. Thousands of children from these 11 countries entered the competition. This year’s competition was aiming at reflecting the appeal "Get active for a living Danube", the official slogan of Danube Day 2014.

"The Danube Art Master is a fantastic way for young residents of the Danube River Basin to demonstrate their connection to water in a creative way," said Ivan Zavadsky, Executive Secretary of the ICPDR. “This year in showed particularly vivid expressions examples and I was happy to notice enthusiastic replies from the judging panel in the ICPDR countries.”

Children were encouraged to visit local rivers and surrounding areas and to consider what the environment means to them. They were then asked to reflect their thoughts and inspirations through environmental art using materials from in and around the rivers.

The competition was jointly organized by the ICPDR in cooperation with the Global Water Partnership Central and Eastern Europe (GWP CEE) with support from the Green Danube Partnership with the Coca Cola system. The national winners were awarded with various prizes during Danube Day celebration in most countries, the International Danube Art Master will receive further awards and the recognition from the entire Danube River Basin.


  • Friends of the water by Elena Gorobeț, Gymnasium nr.19, v. Elizaveta, mun. Balti, Republic of Moldova. International DAM 2014.
  • Elena Gorobet, Moldova, International Danube Art Master 2014. The following pictures show the other national winners' contributions to the DAM 2014.
  • Danube - living water by Romana Rumanová, Michaela Mikleová, Andrea Boncseková, Ivana Baňárová, Katarína Csicsaiová, Lucia Pelantová, Martina Takáčová, Romana Rumanová, Erika Nguyen Duy, Diana Manyuczová, Lilian Teskal,, ZŠ Rozmarínová, Komárno, Slovakia. 2nd Place at the DAM 2104.
  • Water Footprint - or – What should I choose ... by Lili Csóti, Marcell Hajdu and Boglárka Jelinek, Kaposvári Kodály Zoltán Központi Általános Iskola, Kaposvár, Hungary. 3rd Place at the DAM 2014.
  • The beach of Arts by Waldeulen - Verein für Naturnahes Lernen e.V., Münichsthal, Austria
  • Happiness is in small things by Andrei Paduraru, Children’s Palace Galati, Romania
  • Prehistoric vision of Belegis by a 5th grade pupils, Vera Miscevic School, Belegis, Serbia
  • It's in our hands by Alla Lukan and Diana Mytskan, Kobakivska School, Kosiv region, Ivano-Frankivska oblast, Ukraine                                                   .    .
  • A robot collecting caps by Azemina Mašević and Adna Dudević, OŠ ''Šesta osnovna škola”, Ilidža, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Future inhabitants of the earth by Tsvetislava Emilova Kamenova and Maya Danailova Traycheva, Municipality school club “Ecology and environmental protection”, Lom, Bulgaria
  • The knot of friendship and cooperation by 5th grade pupils, OŠ Blaža Arniča Luče, Luče, Slovenia
  • Clean Tisza – clean planet by Diana Bilyak, Zakarpattya ecological center from Uzhgorod city, Ukraine
  • Stop destroying habitats of sand martins by Lovro Ujlaki, Antun Nemčić Gostovinski, Koprivnica, Croatia


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