Permanent Secretariat

In 2000, the ICPDR has been nominated the platform for coordination of issues of  international importance for the implementation of the EU Water Framework Directive. Since this time, the Secretariat supports also the cooperation between the Danube River Basin countries towards the implementation of the EU Water Framework Directive. In 2007, this was extended to the EU Floods Directive.

General management and supervisory functions and the related tasks are carried out by the Executive Secretary, Mr. Ivan Zavadsky. Professional technical staff (called Technical Experts) supervises and controls the quality of the Secretariat’s main functions and tasks, supported by administrative staff members.The Secretariat also draws support from project staff, interns as well as external consultants.

The Secretariat has been officially opened in 1999 and is located in the premises of the United Nations (Vienna International Centre) in Vienna, Austria. You can view a list of current staff members here.


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