Contracting Parties

The Contracting Parties to the DRPC presently include Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Moldova, Montenegro, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Serbia, Ukraine and the European Union. The Contracting Parties are represented by delegations to the ICPDR, led by Heads of Delegation.

The legal basis for this international co-operation is the Danube River Protection Convention, which applies to countries with territories of more than 2000 km² within the Danube Basin.

Apart from those the following countries also co-operate with the ICPDR under the EU Water Framework Directive: Italy, Switzerland, Poland, Albania and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.

The Contracting Parties have also committed themselves to the development of the co-ordinated international River Basin Management Plan for the Danube River Basin as requested by the EU Water Framework Directive.

Contracting Party Signature Entry into force
Austria 29.06.1994 22.10.1998
Bosnia and Herzegovina - 11.07.2005
Bulgaria 29.06.1994 02.08.1999
Croatia 29.06.1994 22.10.1998
Czech Republic 10.03.1995 22.10.1998
Germany 29.06.1994 22.10.1998
Hungary 29.06.1994 22.10.1998
Republic of Moldova 29.06.1994 29.08.1999
Montenegro - 28.10.2008
Romania 29.06.1994 22.10.1998
Republic of Serbia - 19.08.2003
Slovakia 29.06.1994 22.10.1998
Slovenia 06.12.1994 22.10.1998
Ukraine 29.06.1994 13.03.2003
European Community 29.06.1994 22.10.1998

See the Heads of all Delegations here.


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    19 countries share the Danube River Basin, which makes it the world’s most international river basin. More than 81 million people of different cultures and languages call the Danube Basin their home. For centuries they have been interconnected through the widely ramified water system of the Danube. All countries sharing over 2,000 km² of the Danube River Basin, as well as the European Union, are contracting parties of the ICPDR.


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