The ICPDR and the Danube guests of the EU Parliament

The social event took place at the Press Bar of the European Parliament in Brussels where guests were invited to celebrate the achievements of the ICPDR and its work, which directly contributes to making the waters of the Danube River Basin cleaner, healthier and safer waters for all citizens to enjoy! Following the Opening speech by Chairwoman Vălean, Joanna Drake, Deputy Director General of DG Environment, and Jean-Pierre Halkin, DG REGIO Head of Unit for Macro-regional Strategies, as well as Ambassador Luminița Odobescu, Permanent Representative of Romania to the EU, took the floor to praise the work of the ICPDR for the Danube River Basin and for Europe in general. They also thanked the organization for its work in improving the quality and safety of waters in the basin. In his address, ICPDR 2017 President Peter Gammeltoft reviewed his 2017 Presidency of the ICPDR and invited all attendees to visit the exhibition created for this event.

The exhibition, a highlight of the get-together, highlighted over three folding partition screens, the different aspects of the work of the ICPDR since its establishment.
The partition screens showed on both sides the six main areas of focus:

  1. The faces of the river - Living and working in the Danube River Basin
  2. The flow of cooperation – A history of the ICPDR
  3. Fighting for the Danube's Future - The Work of the ICPDR to Face the Region's Challenges
  4. Living fossils – Sturgeons and the Natural Heritage of the Danube
  5. A Balancing Act – Cross-cutting issues in the Danube River Basin
  6. Europe’s Lifeline – The Most International River in the World   

Source & Editorial: ICPDR

Photo caption (from left to right):  Ambassador Luminița Odobescu, ICPDR President Peter Gammeltoft, Chairwoman Adina Vălean, Deputy Director General Joanna Drake and Head of Unit Jean-Pierre Halkin. 

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