Croatia to take over ICPDR Presidency 2015

In a ceremony held in the frame of the 17th ICPDR Ordinary Meeting, Mr. Drazen Kurecic of Croatia outlined the main objectives for Croatia's presidency next year. Taking over from Bulgaria, Mr. Kurecic sees the focus of the work in line with the finalisation of the Danube River Basin Management Plan's update 2015 and the 1st Flood Risk Management Plan for the Danube River Basin. Below, you find some impressions from the handover ceremony.


  • Mr. Drazen Kurecic is long-serving Head of Delegation of Croatia to the ICPDR. In 2015, he will be the commission's president. With the delegation was Zdenka Weber, minister counselour of the Croatian Ambassy in Vienna (center).
  • Mr. Drazen Kurecic of Croatia addresses the 17th Ordinary Meeting of the ICPDR.
  • The Croatian Delegation.
  • Highlights of 2015 will be related to the finalisation of management plans.
  • Mr. Drazen Kurecic outlining the objectives for his presidency.
  • Ms. Emilia Kraeva presents a bottle of Danube water to her successor as ICPDR President.
  • The incoming president has years of experience in the ICPDR.
  • Both Croatia and Bulgaria suffered from devastating floods this year, the finalisation of the Flood Risk Management plan will be one core objective for 2015.
  • Executive Secretary Ivan Zavadsky and ICPDR acting president Emilia Kraeva.

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