Implementation of the DRBM Plan

In 2010, the International Commission for the Protection of the Danube River (ICPDR) has received a grant from the European Union for two years period to implement a project for the `Implementation and follow – up of the first Danube River Basin Management Plan`.

The main objective of the project is to support key actions needed in the implementation and follow-up of the first Danube River Basin Management Plan and Tisza sub-basin Management Plan. These plans are a major achievement in international integrated river basin management, but filling data gaps in ecological status assessment, development of methods of evaluation of implementation, interactions with stakeholders in agriculture and hydropower, and adaption to climate change are among the needs that exist for ensuring that the River Basin Management Plans are effectively implemented.

The objective of this project is therefore to support actions that address these needs at the transboundary level and strengthen the likelihood of success.

Actions and means involved

In order to achieve the above mentioned objectives, the project will focus on the following main work packages:

1) Filling data gaps in the Danube River Basin Management Plan, mainly related to the relationship pressures/impacts and ecological status/potential and sediments. This will be done by further data collection and comparison of country information and methodologies. The work for the Tisza sub-basin will be integrated into this task.

2) Integration of environmental concerns and water aspects in the development of future hydropower projects and in agricultural practices. This will be done by organizing dialogues with specific sectors responsible for the development of the sector in the Danube River Basin. It will build on the agreed Joint Statement on navigation and ecology for the Danube. Case study for the Tisza River Basin will be developed.

3) Incorporating climate change into river basin management. This will be achieved by bringing together existing research results, making use of existing (EU) guidance, focusing on preparing proposals for adaptation actions and integrating these in the river basin management plan. A specific case study will be done for the Tisza sub-basin.

This project is supported by the European Union.


  • » River Basin Management
    The best way to protect and manage water is by close international co-operation between all the countries within the river basin – bringing together all interests upstream and downstream. All countries of the European Union are using a river basin approach for water management since the adoption of the EU Water Framework Directive.
  • » Workshop on Agriculture and Water Management
    Bucharest, 5-6 November 2012. The Danube and Tisza River Basin Management Plans require a dialogue between stakeholders from the agricultural and water management sectors. To facilitate this, a Workshop on Agriculture and Water Management in the Danube River Basin will be held in Bucharest between 5-6 November 2012.
  • » Danube Climate Adaptation Workshop
    Munich, 29/30 March 2012. To make steps towards the elaboration of a Climate Adaptation Strategy, a workshop was organised by lead country Germany and the ICPDR Secretariat. This followed a process started in 2010, when ministers emphasised that the impacts of climate change will increase and develop into a significant threat in the Danube River Basin if the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions is not complemented by climate adaptation measures.
  • » Workshop on WFD ecological status assessment
    Senec, 26/28 September 2011. In order to support the development of WFD compliant methods on the use of phytobenthos and macrophytes for WFD ecological status assessment, a training workshop was held in Slovakia. The three days course was supported by the ICPDR in the frame of the EU Grant – DRBMP 2012. Experts from Non-EU countries like Moldova, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Ukraine, Montenegro, Serbia participated.
  • » 1st ICPDR Workshop on Hydropower and Water Management
    Timişoara, 21/22 February 2012. Cooperation on navigation is already ongoing and has now been launched for hydropower: efforts are needed in creating win-win situations and benefits for all actors involved. The 1st ICPDR Workshop on Hydropower and Water Management was organised by Romania (Apele Romane) in close cooperation with the other two Lead Countries Austria and Slovenia and the ICPDR.
  • » Workshop on River and Habitat Continuity
    Vienna, 4/5 September 2012. The ICPDR held a workshop on river and habitat continuity to support the ongoing developments in the implementation of the EU Water Framework Directive and related legislation in the Danube River Basin with regard to addressing river and habitat continuity.
  • » Workshop on Joint Program of Measures
    Vienna, 4-5 April 2013. The ICPDR will hold a meeting to discuss the results of the Danube Joint Program of Measures, to learn about funding needs and existing potential funding for the actions, and to discuss the preparation of the Danube Basin Analysis and the 2nd Danube River Basin Management Plan.
  • » Conference on Hydropower and Water Management
    Ljubljana, 26/27 March 2013. Organised by Slovenia and the ICPDR, a conference on hydropower and water management will be held where draft guiding principles will be discussed with a broader audience, accompanied by presentations on practical examples for the application.

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